Joe Barndt

Joe is our group's financial and operations analytical muscle.

Joe  was raised by a farmer and a French teacher in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. Growing up as part of a successful small business taught him a lot of what it takes to make it as an owner. Namely hard work, sacrifice, and intelligent investments. 

After witnessing these lessons his academic curiosity led him to degrees in Business Administration and Economics at McDaniel College and later an MBA at Loyola University with specializations in entrepreneurship and leadership. In his professional career he worked in finance in industries spanning from banking to healthcare. 

Throughout his career he has continually looked for ways to improve processes to make work more efficient and to save companies money. These improvements have ranged from automation of account reconciliations to brand new detailed forecasting of funding and cash for a $9 billion dollar portfolio. His passion for helping others develop creative solutions is what led him to management consulting.

Despite working for several large employers in his career he never forgot the lessons he learned on the farm and the thrill of developing a business venture. Joe is determined to make sure that each client he works with is able to trust him to put their best interest forward at all times. He looks forward to building that trust with you and showing you how to improve any aspect of your business.